Using a protective case

Buying a protective case can always spare you the cruel grip of gravity. No matter how careful you are, gravity is just stronger than you are. During the lifetime of your phone, you may drop it once or twice and all it takes is just one drop for your screen to break. So be careful and buy a protective cover.

Turning off the WiFi & mobile data

Try not to leave the data, 4G, location services and Wi-Fi open, when you are not using your mobile. Leaving these features open, drains your battery faster than the normal rate and raises the temperature of your mobile phone, negatively impacting your mobile phone on the long run.

Screen protection

Screen protectors are some of the items, that you might think you do not need. Some of the new mobiles models have an anti-scratch gorilla screen. So research your mobile model before buying one. If you decide to get one, make sure you get one, that won't create air bubbles. Another value of a screen protector is, that it can provide an anti-glare surface and prevent smudging from fingerprints.

Don't leave your phone in the sun

High temperature can be bad for your mobile phone. If it is exposed to the sun for too long, touch screens can stop working and the battery charges faster than normal. If your mobile phone gets overheated, try leaving it in the shade to cool off, but don't try to put it in the freezer so it won't short-circuit.

Keep your phone away from water

If you are at the pool or sitting at the beach, try to avoid getting water on your mobile phone. Also, be aware of what is next to your phone and what is next to you. Water can damage some of the motherboard components, the screen and the charging ports.

Keep your phone from damage

Putting your phone in your back pocket and sitting on it can break your screen or damage the motherboard and cause significant damage to the mobile.